Light Aircraft Terminal VMT-1220LA

Two-Way Broadband Ku or Ka Satcom-on-the-Move 23 Март 2015, 16:29
Small Footprint Terminal  for High Data Rate Comms-on-the-Move
Arming mobile missions worldwide, the ViaSat Mobile Terminal  1220 for light aircraft (VMT-1220LA) is a complete airborne satellite terminal with an ultra small 12 in. antenna and lightweight equipment delivering broadband IP communications-on-the-move. With this mobile terminal and ViaSat’s worldwide network and broadband service, aircraft operators can send live, full-motion high-definition video over the horizon, make secure phone calls, conduct video conferences, access classified and public networks, and perform mission-critical communications while in flight. 
The terminal has logged hundreds of thousands of flight hours  on deployed government aircraft such as the King Air, PC-12, De Havilland, and Caravan. The terminal is FAA and JITC certified for installation and secure network operation. Equipped with integrated technologies and robust waveforms, this terminal has been proven in-theater to deliver streaming data rates up to 10 Mbps with a 12 in. antenna. True broadband communications-on-the-move is a reality, and made affordable with ViaSat’s VMT-1220LA terminal and orldwide satellite network. 


»Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
»Command, Control, Communications (C3)
»VIP Transport
»Search and Rescue
»Electronic Warfare