C-17 Fixed Installation Satellite Antenna Terminal

Two-Way Broadband Ku Satcom-On-the-Move 23 Март 2015, 16:24
» Real-Time Enroute Command,  Control, Communications (C3) 
»Operationally Deployed  
»Global Network and Services  including Assured Access Plans
Enabling broadband satcom in flight, the ViaSat C-17 Fixed  Installation Satellite Antenna (FISA) terminal is a complete, self-contained airborne satcom system delivering high-speed IP communications-on-the-move. With ViaSat's FISA terminal and worldwide global network and broadband service, C-17 operators and VIP passengers can experience live, full-motion video over the horizon, make secure phone calls, conduct video conferences, access classified and public networks, and perform other mission-critical communications while in flight. 
For simple installation and rapid integration, ViaSat features  a roll-on/roll-off ruggedized transit case for the baseband electronic equipment, including modem, encryption devices, and routers. This flexible in-vehicle equipment transit case also supports ViaSat’s C-130 Hatch-Mounted Satellite Antenna system, providing each fleet with common deployable hardware for broadband mobile satcom. 


»Enroute Video/Voice Conferencing
»“TOC-in-the-Sky” Command & Control
»Assured Network Access